On the Road Again

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On the Road Again

Katie Melua was a student at the B.R.I.T. School for the Performing Arts & Technology – The record industry-funded school which has a habit of graduating talented performing artists (Amy Winehouse for example).

She became its next success when a 2003 showcase caught the attention of Mike Batt, who’d been looking for a vocalist capable in both jazz and blues styles.

Plucked from music school obscurity Katie Melua saw her debut bolt up the U.K. charts upon its release in late 2003. This collection of concert footage and other extras covers various events in the extraordinary first months of Katie’s emergence as an artist.

This DVD set includes a complete concert recorded at Fairfield Halls Croydon, tracks from the Royal Albert Hall, and from South Africa plus other extras.

Disc 1:

Live at Fairfield Halls Croydon, 18th March 2004

    1. Faraway Voice
    2. Call Off The Search
    3. Crawling Up A Hill
    4. Blame It On The Moon
    5. Spider’s Web
    6. Thank You, Stars
    7. My Aphrodisiac Is You
    8. Learnin’ The Blues
    9. Belfast (Penguins & Cats)
    10. Downstairs To The Sun
    11. Lilac Wine
    12. Love Cats
    13. Joan Of Ark & Jack The Lad
    14. Mockingbird Song
    15. I Think It’s Going To Rain Today
    16. Tiger In The Night
    17. The Shirt Of A Ghost
    18. The Closest Thing To Crazy
    19. I Put A Spell On You
    20. Anniversary Song

Disc 2 :

In Concert for Nelson Mandela’s 46664 Charity, Fancourt South Africa, 19th March 2005

    1. Faraway Voice
    2. Crawling Up A Hill
    3. On The Road Again
    4. Spider’s Web
    5. My Aphrodisiac Is You
    6. Mockingbird Song
    7. The Closest Thing To Crazy
    8. Katie meets The Holy Jerusalem Choir in Soweto
    9. Interview-style edit including “Too Much Love Will Kill You” (Featuring Queen)

Royal Albert Hall (Multi-Camcorder Shoot), 22nd October 2004

    1. Crawling Up A Hill
    2. On The Road Again
    3. Blame It On The Moon
    4. Jack’s Room
    5. Chemo Tsitsi Natela

A Selection of Previously Released Extras

    1. The Making Of “Call Off The Search” Promo Film
    2. “The Closest Thing To Crazy” Promo Film
    3. “Call Off The Search” Promo Film
    4. “Crawling Up A Hill” Promo Film
    5. Katie Melua “Starting Out 2003”

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Release Year: 2006 | Cat: Dramatico DRAMDVD0002


DVD Booklet Text:

This collection of concert footage and other extras covers various events
in the extraordinary first months of Katie Melua’s emergence as an
artist. Disc one contains the complete Fairfield Halls concert, which
was part of Katie’s first UK tour. It was directed for TV by Mike
Sergeant, using the best possible combination of top technicians,
Outside Broadcast vehicles and equipment. Some of it has been issued
as part of the Deluxe package of “Call Off The Search” but here we
include the concert in full.

By contrast Disc Two contains an experiment in which we used
100 “domestic” camcorders and a large number of students in order
to achieve a grittier, more random selection of footage from which to
edit. The result is intentionally funkier and less glossy than the Fairfield
Halls concert, but we think it has a natural, home-movie quality we
could never have achieved with a team of fully fledged professionals
even though it has to be said that some of the students delivered a
very high standard of shots, given the technical restrictions.

When Queen and Nelson Mandela invited Katie to South Africa
to perform at the concert in support of the 46664 Aids charity, we
made a short film clip of her visiting Soweto, where she was welcomed
by a local choir, and visited Mr Mandela’s old house, before performing
at the concert. We edited this film to the music of “Too Much Love Will
Kill You” as performed by Katie and Queen, in that concert. Her own
set, supporting Queen, is also included.

For those of you who already have some of the extras, – and some of
the songs from Fairfield Halls we hope you agree that it’s a good idea to
add them into this set for the sake of completeness and good order.

We’d like to thank all the people who were involved in the making of
this DVD set, and particularly the band, – Henry Spinetti (drums), Jim
Cregan (guitar), Lisa Featherston (bass), Matt Condon (keyboards),
Dominic Glover (trumpet), Mike Batt (piano), and Jim Watson
(piano in South Africa).


Rating: ★★★★★
Amazon Review

Technically the DVD is of superb quality with a very high standard of audio and video reproduction. In fact it is the best I have ever seen or heard on any DVD of a live concert. The equipment I was watching on was of a good standard, Katie Melua makes good audio-display equipment worth every penny in my view.

For me and many others, Katie Melua has such a natural gift and talent that it is an absolute joy to watch her perform – the DVD is a showcase for her seemingly boundless talents. I love her honesty, the calibre of the performance and watching someone so relatively young, so incredibly mature, so easy-on-the-eye, and someone so incredibly at ease on a stage in front of a live audience.

What also impressed me about the live DVD was how relaxing I found it, and comfortable I was watching it – Professional musicians on stage combine effortlessly to pour out beautiful music along with Katie Melua who is such a precious talent.

I treasure this DVD already, I just hope Katie Melua continues to grace us with such great performances and great music in the future. With such a great team of musicians, producers and band members supporting her and allowing her talent to reach its unbounded potential, I trust her rise to the very top of international performers will continue but she will continue to perform in such venues where her beautiful voice and aura are a simply delight to experience.

I would highly recommend this DVD, for both the technical quality of it and the experience of watching Katie Melua and her band perform. I have always enjoyed watching or listening to talented people perform across a range of musical genres ,to me Ms Melua has her own unique qualities but already can be put on a level with such musical greats and talents as Eva Cassidy, Carly Simon and Barbra Streisand.

Simply stunning, I think you will agree should you watch the live disc.